*Amanda* (everydaylovexo) wrote in willmakar,

there are no words to describe how upset i am right now

i was in complete shock but after gedeon, kevin, and bucky were safe i knew it was coming!

my squishy made it! all he has to do is get 10th place and i will be happy! i just wanna meet him! and i can do that if he goes on tour

but i do believe that this is bullshit

so for the next few days i will be in mourning for my will

as much as i love kevin, he shouldn't have gotten farther than will by any means

i'm gonna try and see if i can get my hands on an address so we can send will some cards or something from the community here to show him our support

and this isn't the end of the road! we just need to keep supporting him and cheering him on!

we'll keep this community alive and show the will spirit!
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Will was totally ROBBED!!!!
Ugh, I was furious by tonights results. Will AND Ayla, who was my favorite girl left. I can't believe that Bucky and Kevin made it over Will.
i agree
bucky shouldn't have made it to the top 12 with will getting kicked off
and same with kevin, except i knew he would (he's just too adorable)
and ayla wasn't my favorite girl but i thought she was one of the better ones in the group and i actually really liked her performance this week and as she was tearing up after ryan said she was gone, i just felt really sad for her and stuff

in other news, i hope will persues (sp?) some kind of career in entertainment so we can see some more of him
i'd hate to see him just disappear

sorry...long comment
Yeah, I really dislike Bucky for some reason. I was kind of surprised that Ayla went too, and I think she was as well. I was thinking that it was going to be Lisa, which I wish it would have been instead.

Hopefully he will :)
oh and i love your icon
jake gyllenhaal is a god
Thank you hah hah.
Ditto. Ayla and Will are my favourites!
*siiigh* He really really deserved to be there so much longer than he was. This year is all messed up!

But I totally agree: this isn't the end of the road! Will's got a lot more ahead of him. He doesn't need American Idol. He'll be great anyway! :D
bucky is seriously a worthless piece of crap.
am i seriously the only person on the planet who honestly believes that HE HAS NO TALENT?!
he just fills a genre.
that's why he's still in it.
if there was a better country-type singer on the show, the country vote would be split and bucky would be gone.
who wants to start a "bucky is sucky" community with me?!
Haha, you are definitely not the only one who thinks he has no talent. I don't think he can carry a tune. But he seems like a nice guy, so I won't go out and say I hate him. I just wish he left the competition. He doesn't deserve to be there (based on his vocal talent, whooo boy no), but he's a nice guy. Eh. I wish he'd just go home already!

*diessss* Bucky is sucky. I almost spit out my Mountain Dew at that, hahaha.
so, so pissed off :( i cried haha