*Amanda* (everydaylovexo) wrote in willmakar,

hey ya'll! how's it going!?? so how's your idol life without will going??


so Lisa had a horrible song choice. i hate kelly but unless you're her, you don't sing her songs. it was ok, pretty pitchy, but overall not too hot

Kellie was only ok. i think she's trying to be carrie and it bothers me....she's not that good

Ace did better than last week but he doesn't impress me anymore, i miss the ace from the auditions

Taylor did good, and he looked nice, oh and Paula clay could've pulled off any look thanks!

Mandisa was amazing! i think this was her best night yet

Chris drives me insane because he refuses to show any versatility! LISTEN TO SIMON!! or go home, either works for me!

Katharine did amazing!! she's so damn good, but what was up with the outfit! seriously i love when she sings songs that show off her trainedness! she was the best by far tonight!

Bucky, oh wow i love him, he makes me happy!

Paris did really good and she had a lot of fun

Elliott! love him! got scared when i heard his choice but he totally made the song his own and did really really well! i was very impressed! i love him!

i expect the bottom 3 to be lisa, kellie, and bucky, but possibly ace in there....

lisa's probably going home, or bucky, but i think bucky did better tonight so hopefully lisa or kellie, i vote ship off kellie!

my only real favorite left is elliott but i love katharine's voice!
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i agree with you about most of that, except:

ace-only because i never liked him
mandisa-i thought it was one of her worst
bucky-i can't believe he's still in the competition

i also hope it's kellie that gets the boot tomorrow
but it won't be
i feel like she has too many fans
i don't seriously like bucky, i just don't understand who votes for him, and i really dislike taylor so i want to see him beat him...

idk this year's just a joke to me now, the bad ones have made it past the good ones!

i agree about the kellie thing too!
bucky will not beat taylor
taylor has a lot of fans
bucky just sucks
haha yeah

i don't understand it at all, i've never met one person who votes for bucky
me either, lol
or even someone who enjoys hearing him at all
I don't think there's really anyone on the show that's very good. Overall, this season sucks if you ask me...but...Ace is hot, so maybe I'll root for him lol
I LOVE Elliott! :)