*Amanda* (everydaylovexo) wrote in willmakar,

idol tonight was so good

Gedeon and Bucky can go this week, unfortuantely i could see someone better than them getting voted off though! uhh i hope not

so Gedeon, for one, NEVER sing a song that claymates waited around to hear clay sing forever! he is so annoying! and i hate the fact that he's 17 but trys to act like he's 30! i have to admit, he did sound good tonight, and that bothers me

Chris- i'm getting really sick of him just doing rock songs, and i know that's who he is and stuff but i want to see another side of him...and his vibrato was too much tonight. i agreed with simon

Kevin!! AHHH MY SQUISHY! he sang one of my favorite songs! he sounded so beautiful! yeah kevin covais made me cry tonight!! i want to see him learn how to have more stage presence! he made me really happy tonight!

Bucky was ok. I don't want to see him make the top 12 but he still seems like a really nice guy!

WILL!!! for one, i love the song, and i LOVED the outfit! he looked so fabulous!! i thought he did really good, despite the judges! and i just love him to death! he has to make the top 10 so he goes on tour!

Attention Taylor Hicks: please just stop! you're a creepy freak who can't dance and you're so weird! k thanks! i'd rather vote for dirt than vote for you!.....i know that isn't very nice but he drives me so insane!

Elliot sang my song that jeni always told me i can sing really well and that i should sing for my audition next year! i was supposed to be the first to sing that but oh well! he kicked ass! he's so good

and Ace, i want him to sing something different! i love him to death and he's so good but i didn't like the song choice....loved the "ace" shirt though! and his eyes totally hypnotize you! i love it!

other favorite moment of the night was on the commercial for "the loop" when he was wearing an "i love clay aiken" shirt! i about cried!

i'm scared to see who leaves!! it can't be will or kevin! gedeon needs to go and idk bucky too i guess
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